What We Do

Vinyl Removal

We offer full vinyl removal for Car Wraps, Fleet Wraps and Commercial Windows and applications.

Typically automotive wraps need to be removed in New Mexico 2-3 years after installation due to the UV exposure at our altitude. After that time frame the vinyl can be very difficult to remove and costly. We encourage all of our clients to remove and replace as soon as any UV damage is visible.

We can remove vinyl that has been stuck on cars from over 10 years baked in the sun. We cannot however promise that cars that have been exposed to long term UV damage be in like new condition. The adhesive can bake into the clear coat of the car causing issues with the paint.

Contact us for a vinyl removal quote.


The first step to the removal process is to contact us here at NM Graphix to discuss your needs for removal.


Estimates are based on difficulty of removal and time it will take to do the job. Sometimes it can be quite lengthy.


Removal will begin and expectations will be set with project that is needing removal.