What We Do
Design. Print. Install
Full or Partial Vehicle wraps from full color change wraps, to full graphic wraps. Roofs, to Hoods we can do it all. Design, Print and Install. We offer products to Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and the surrounding New Mexico USA. Our turn around time is the best in the business and we can help you turn your idea into a design.
and Production

NM Graphix offers a full service Branding & Identity package, from logo design to business design we can produce all of your needs.

and Shipping

We package and ship our decals and one off labels to all over the USA. With your order we will make sure it is delivered on time, everytime.

and Satisfaction

We offer full service installation of everything we produce, from Vehicle Lettering to full Wraps, Wall Wraps and Window Graphics.

Warranty Information

Do we warranty our wraps?

We warranty our land vehicle wraps for 2 years for bubbles and peeling. Color change full wraps are required to come back for a 30 day checkup to inspect the vehicle in order to maintain the warranty. This allows us to be sure the wrap was installed properly and will last. If any of our customers see vinyl pulling off or bubbling, we recommend they contact us right away to get it repaired. We don’t warranty vehicles washed with pressurized water, as it is known to remove vinyl and all instructions must be followed to maintain your warranty. Rock chips are also not covered under warranty, we recommend you get paint protection installed to prevent rock chips from damaging your paint.

With New Mexico installed wraps, and the sun being very harsh we can only warranty hoods and roofs for 1 year from fading and discoloration due to material malfunction.

(Extreme recessed areas of the vehicle are warrantied on a case by case basis. We will give you the best option for install, materials are made for these areas but sometimes do fail due to the extreme impression of the material. These will be on a case by case basis. Vehicle wrap needs to be properly maintained for valid warranty.)

What is your cancellation policy?

All down payments and design fees are non-refundable. You will not be charged any additional cancellation fees if you cancel before dropping off your vehicle, but you will not be refunded any down payment or design fees you have already paid.

How much does a Vehicle Wrap cost?

Vehicle graphics are priced by square foot with adjustments for difficulty (time involved). Each project is unique, but to get an idea, a full wrap on a mid-sized car will average about $2500 to $3500. If you want an accurate quote on your specific vehicle, please fill out our quote request form or contact us and we’ll be happy to help. We’re not always the cheapest option, but you definitely get what you pay for in the wrap industry. We encourage you to stop by the shop and check out what we can do for you.

How long do Wraps last?

Generally a wrap will stay in good condition for 3-5 years if it’s properly maintained. The vehicle vinyl we use is designed to last 5-7 years on vertical surfaces. Washing your vehicle on a regular basis and avoiding pressure washing and car washes with jets will help maintain the integrity of the wrap.

How long does it take to wrap a car?

A full wrap on a vehicle will typically take 4-7 days. We book full wraps for Monday through Friday to make sure there ample time to prep, install, and inspect each wrap we do. Because we warranty our installs for the first 3 years (for bubbles and peeling edges), we also require our full wrap customers to bring the vehicle back after 30 days to assess and fix any issues (which are rare, but best dealt with promptly).

How can we follow up on the wrap & fix issues if any occured?

If there are issues with the wrap, please get in touch. We want to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied. We will work our best to timely deal with the effected areas and or fix them completely. These will be put in our que and we will get to them ASAP.

Do you do Third Party Installs?

Third Party installs are when a shop requests that we install for a client of there’s.

This is a case by case basis. If third party installs are put into place, our warranty is not valid for your customer. We will do everything in our power to make sure your customer is satisfied with the outcome of the job. But we cannot guarantee our work through a 3rd party as, dimension, and explanation of maintenance and cleaning of the graphics was not completed by NM Graphix.